Judgement Vs Acceptance

Excuse me, what you said? You don’t have a subscription to Netflix, I got you totally.

People have got distinction in the art of judgment without even attending the classes for this respective course. In their view, it is something that is pure as the driven snow.

Nowadays, people at large believe less in understanding their audience and more in making analyses. Therefore, they believe more in applying their brains despite accepting the delicacies. As a result, they insult them by using words that are not admirable as per the existing trend and can result in mental illness.

I come across so many individuals who feel hesitant in expressing their real themselves just because of the fear of being judged. They try to become something that they are not for the sake of not losing their bonds and adding laurels to their fake prestige so emerged. Those folks prefer to cheat with themselves and love to copy the content that does not match their genre.

They forget that their individuality has an essence that is not accepted among the crowd that they are wandering. They forget that their story has a moral which is not extracted in the right manner. They forget that their radiance has a sensation that is not sensed with appropriate sensitivity. They forget that the fault is not in their stars but they have chosen the wrong sky for the twinkling.

Every individual is born with an aura that should be accepted and respected by every other individual. Likewise, every individual is born with certain flaws which should be mended and handled with caution and care as no human is perfect.

Judgment is a word of mind but acceptance is a word of heart. Block those who judge you because your story matters.

24 Replies to “Judgement Vs Acceptance”

  1. Very true. The world is lost in a maze of false identities since we are taught and get busy learning to forget ourselves only to start looking for a way back to understanding who we are if we ever do. Carrying a well curated personality to face the world with.

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