HR Talks

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The more I think of it, the more I lost in it.

I had never thought of entering the profession to which I have given my soul today. I feel immense pleasure in solving it’s every puzzle. Whenever I hear anything related to HR, my mind triggers and heart beats for scrolling those unread pages so that I can be impartial with it’s norms.

HR blesses it’s admirers with certain powers and the greatest of all is getting the keys of understanding human behavior. The folks are able to sense the things that an individual might not be in pally with themselves too and become experts in understanding the strengths & weaknesses of anyone they are coming across.

HR makes me believe in the fact that every individual represents his own nation termed as identity by the medium of his voluntary and involuntary actions which is elegantly translated by professionals in their native language.

Also, this vision is easily able to make difference between a glass that is half filled and a glass that is half empty because excavating the hidden traits is their specialization.

An important tip : Whenever you go for an interview, just try be yourself because someone is seeking you the way you have taken years to seek.

10 Replies to “HR Talks”

  1. Excellent tip to be yourself with no pretences. Yet I do believe you may wish to articulate how you as HR will add value to the business.
    Good luck 🍀 and best wishes!

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